PEC, standing for Primary Engineering Control, is an umbrella term for devices that provide ISO Class 5 environment during sterile non-hazardous compounding. The primary goal of a PEC is to protect the compound/product during the compounding process. This is achieved through passing unidirectional and ‘filtered to ISO 5’ air over the compounding process. PEC is not suitable for sterile hazardous compounding.

C-PEC, Containment Primary Engineering Control, refers to a PEC that protects the personnel and environment as well as the compound, hence the notion of containment. The triple protection is required during sterile hazardous compounding.

Primary Engineering Control (PEC) / Containment Primary Engineering Control (C-PEC)

The term C-PEC may also loosely refer to other containment devices that protect only personnel and environment. For example, non-sterile compounding (level A, B, and C), in which sterility is not required but protection of personnel and environment is still needed. A common case for this is…read more