Delivering unique,
high quality,
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Stellartec Solutions specializes in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

We design and set up controlled environment to your specific needs and requirement. We also test and certify cleanrooms, hoods, and safety cabinets. Whether you need a single complied room for non-sterile compounding at your pharmacy or require sophisticated and complex cleanroom facility at a hospital or a manufacturing setting, we are your go-to team.



Outstanding quality

We know every standard out there. We also know every detail about what you need to have a cleanroom that is not only according to GMP and GEP, but also founded on ISO, NAPRA, and USP. While others leave you at as-built state, we are there till the end.

Complete suite of services

We undertake every aspect of your project. We know both the core business and surrounding knowledge area. Based on your project, you get a team of engineers, pharmacists, biochemists, and technicians to look into aspects of the job where others overlook.



Stellartec Solutions offers the following benefits to you:

Great cost savings

Modular rooms are great. They are not your only choice though. Information is time and money. We like our clients to be well informed. We offer you creative and out of the box solutions with uncompromised quality.

Offering you a unique service

Each cleanroom is one-of-a-kind. It’s designed and built to fit and satisfy your space, your requirements and to increase your bottom line.

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